bath and body works haul

sorry this is so late everyone. life has been busy right now and managing two blogs got the best of me. no worries though, i'll try my best to get back into the groove.

first up, i purchased three of bath and body works body sprays. i've never really been a huge body spray person mostly because i find them all crappy, but when i smelled these, i fell in love.

  • if you need an escape to the tropics, try the coconut pineapple scent. the man who worked at the store sprayed a bit on my wrist and i felt like i needed to grab a pina colada and head to the beach. i find it more coconut-y than pineapple-y, but you can definitely get hints of both. it's a nice combination and like i said, reminds me of the tropics. 
  • secret wonderland is a a deeper more luscious scent. bath and body works describes it as having strawberry, goji berries and raspberries as it's top notes, gardenia petals, jasmine and peach nectar as it's middle notes and coconut musk, creamy vanilla, sandalwood and white amber as the base notes. the strawberry is definitely noticeable when you first spray it, followed by the gardenia and vanilla. 
  • lastly, dancing waters smells of that fresh rain. it has scents of watermelon, spearmint, peony, bamboo leaf and so on. the scents are really all over the map but in the end they mesh nicely together. 

being as in love with the coconut pineapple scent that i was, i snatched up the body wash that complimented the spray. it's rich in vitamin e and contains aloe so it really does make your skin soft. if you're looking for a body wash with a long lasting scent, i'd recommend this for you. it's scent is strong enough that it won't wear off ten minutes after washing. needless to say, the bottle is nearly already half gone. 

next up, i tested out the coconut mango body scrub. it was amazing. once again, the smell was intoxicating and took me away to the tropics. it has super fine walnut shells that exfoliate your skin as you wash. you can feel them as you scrub the stuff all over you. it seems that they really do their job. if you're having issues with dead/dry skin, try to use this and see if it will help you out. this product also has coconut milk in it, which is a super skin softener. 

all in all, i was impressed with all my buy's and am already in need of another bath and body works shopping trip. in case you were wondering, all these marvellous products only cost me 40 dollars canadian. what a steal! and also, sorry for the massive hiatus, things got a little bit busy!


Rachel said...

I was not much of a Body Spray person either, but then my friend gave me one in a basket of goodies she put together for my birthday, and I'm actually using it quite a lot, especially to top up my scent half way through the day as I don't want to reapply my perfume as Miss Dior is so expensive! When I run out I really want to try a Victorias Secret one...

Anonymous said...

secret wonderland sounds so good! i can't wait to try it. :) i have enough sprays though so i might get a lotion instead.

Tabitha Sheridan said...

I love the sound of the coconut-pineapple, sounds like a pina colada!

Dolly Daydream said...

I love Mac and also, the packaging is so cute! :)


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