smellin' delicious

i'm super sorry for the lack of posts. life kind of caught up to me and blogging was one of the last things that was on my mind. i went to wal-mart a few days back to pick up some snacks and found myself in the bead/string aisle. with me, you can tell it's summer when my bracelets are stacked up my arms. i bought a ball of hemp twine to make some new bracelets and keep me going all summer. i've already started making them. the one on my right wrist is super cute. i've actually gotten lots of compliments on it.

and more recently, i went to bath and body works. today they had a deal where everything in the store was 20 percent off and their signiture line and collections were buy 3, get 2 free. so of course, i capitalized on that. this was just one of my favourite things that i bought. it's a body spray called dancing waters and my goodness does it smell nice. i will post more photos tomorrow after i'm able to get outside and take them in some sunshine. the weather has been super rainy and i hate taking photos in my house, the lighting is horrible.

once again, sorry for the lack of updating. hopefully this post is a little filler until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great post :)

Anonymous said...

hiya, nice post :) what camera do you use and how did you get the photo edges rounded? :) being-emily.blogspot.com xxx

Megan said...

those bracelets are so cute! they are perfect for summer. I bet they'll make for some fun tan lines. :)
I love your blog header!


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