hit the beach with mac surfbaby

in my time off from blogging, i couldn't stay away from the makeup counter. when surfbaby was released by mac, i was right there waiting to purchase some of the things from the line. so far, i've picked up a suntint lipgloss and a bronzing powder. they are both amazing and well worth my money. the collection is quite large, consisting of a variety of different products.

the collection in it's entirety is very large, but the bigger the better. i really wish i bought everything ... 

the pressed bronzer in gold go lightly was my first purchase a while back. i loved the packaging and the design of the compact. when i opened it, i didn't want to use it because it looked so nice! those cute little MAC imprints on the bronzer were amazing. needless to say, i did eventually try it and fell in love with the colour. i'm super pale and hate using a bronzer that over powers my face. this one did quite the opposite. it complimented my fair skin. the matte shade that had no shiny things in it was just what i was looking for. it's also a great bronzer due to the fact that you don't need to use alot. a little bit, goes a long way. 

my second purchase from the collection was the suntints lip gloss. these tubes are filled with sheer glosses that contain spf 20. it can't be surfbaby without the sunscreen! the one i purchased was called pink tinge and is a sheer pink with a little bit of shine. 

the product is great. applying it is easy and it isn't sticky in the slightest. it doesn't really have a taste, but i find you can taste a little bit of sunscreen. it isn't bad, i actually find it quite nice. it's also not sticky, meaning it won't make your lips all gooey. one downfall is the size. the tube seems quite small for the price i paid (around 20 dollars canadian). slowly, as i'm using it (which really has not been alot), i'm finding that there isn't much product inside the tube. overall, the product is lovely, but i feel a bit scammed with the amount that i've received. 

if you haven't purchased anything from MAC in a while, do so now. this collection won't leave you disappointed. i find it being a bit natural and not too far out in left field (unlike the quite cute collection, pastel eyeshadows anyone?). four stars out of five. 


Simona said...

They're so cute <3

Misty ✿ said...

Great review and the packaging is an eye catcher. <3

Melissa said...

I just came across your blog, it's amazing!
Keep up the great work <3

amy said...

i am so happy i found your blog
very informative and eye pleasing!
love to you!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Nadiine said...

Great review!
I absolutely adore MAC :)

Nicole said...

I loved your blog! Great info!
From now on I follow you, follow back please?

http://beamingshadows.blogspot.com - FASHION BLOG

xx - Nicole

Sarahseesall said...

How nice is the new packaging :)
Just found your blog I love it, I love the layout too im just settling down to read some more posts xx

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