what's your favourite flower?

are you a tulip person? rose? daisy? daffodil? i want to know!

my dream wedding in photos

all this talk about the royal wedding has really got me thinking of what kind of wedding i want to have. i'm all about classic things. i love clean white, not too much colour. here are a few photos to better describe what kind of wedding i wish to have.

i want to marry somewhere in europe. i dream of getting married in a big cathedral. to me it seems like the definition of a classic wedding. there needs to be a garden nearby for wedding photos. ideally, i'd love a giant garden filled with just cherry blossoms. but really, any flowers will do. 

i want a vanilla cake with white icing and some sort of floral decoration on it. i'd prefer an extremely large cake. i don't want anything over the top in regards to the design. just something simple. it definitely needs to have the flowers that i want on my bouquet on it. 

i want to go against the grain when it comes to tossing my bouquet: i don't want to toss it. what's the point in giving away such a gorgeous flower arrangement? i plan on keeping it as a memento of my wedding day.  i want it to be mostly green and white, maybe with a hint of pink. lily of the valley, sweet pea, tulips, cherry blossoms and maybe hydrangeas are flowers i can see myself having in it. i like simple. it shouldn't take away from my dress. i want it to look natural as well. like someone just walked to a field and arranged a simple, chic and cute bouquet.

lastly, bust most certainly not least, is the dress. i've always loved the princess gown that's super poofy, but i'm also a fan of gowns that have cathedral trains that go for miles. the bottom of the dress needs to have detail on it. flowers, lace, something of the sort. i also like it when the waist has some sort of jewelled embellishment on it. strapless is what i want. 
i've got it all planned out in my head. of course there are more little inspiration boards i could make, but if i keep doing this, i'll go on for hours. i want my wedding day to be like those that you see in fairytales.

the royal wedding

has really got me in the wedding mood. i plan on posting a whole series of images on what my dream wedding would be like. where the venue would be, the dresses i like, the theme and flowers and such. it's every girls dream to have a fairytale wedding. men, take note. we all start planning early.

makeup extravaganza

my makeup bag is really a piece of work. this is what it looks like normally. my makeup bag is not neat by any means. and i'm almost positive that i should probably up-size the bag. i'm going to go through everything (yes, everything) that is inside of it right now. 

don't use it, but it comes in handy occasionally,  benefit high beam: i love applying it on my cheekbones overtop of my makeup, maybelline one by one, colossal and the falsies mascara: love all three of these and they are part of my daily makeup routine, stila fabulous in fiji palette: once again, don't use, it was 13$ so i snatched it up, maybelline mineral power powder foundation: plays a part in my daily routine, covers wonderfully and lasts a really long time, mac studio fix powder: commonly found under my eyes on days when i feel they need a little wake up, i also use it to spot cover areas that need it, nars super orgasm blush: compared to the regular orgasm, this one has much more glitter, rimmel eyeshadow quad: would not recommend it. the pigment is horrible. to be honest, i don't know why i still have it, hard candy so baked bronzer: i just purchased this stuff and i love it. it gives me a nice glow without looking like an oompa loompa. hard candy moon glow: great for setting your makeup. gives you a nice shine. christmas elf eyeshadows: these were on sale for 4$. some of them have a stronger pigment than the others. the black and silver one is super nice whereas the khaki and purple one is not. nars fathom eyeshadow: isn't really a colour. it goes on quite sheer but i bought it because i loved the glitter. beauty rush lipgloss: tastes delicious and goes on nice. eyelash curler: self explanatory. angled blush brush: use it for blush on my cheeks, regular shadow brush: for all over lid coverage, foundation brush: i use it with maybelline mineral power when i need to cover a tricky area, eco-tools face brush: use it with the moon glow. super soft bristles. stipple brush: it has two hair types and a flat top. great for bronzer. 

well there it is. all of the things that were in my makeup bag. some i use, some i don't. i should probably go through and get rid of all the things i do not want. what's in your makeup bag that you could never get rid of?

calm after the storm

i think it is completely absurd how one day there can be these raging 100km/h winds and then the next day, they are completely gone. i also find it crazy to think that huge trees are capable of collapsing but the tiniest little flowers, like this tulip, made it through the winds safe and sound. i wonder how that works out? 

this house was one of the less fortunate ones in my area. this massive tree toppled over and went straight through the living room. this pictures doesn't show it all, but in person, it was horrible. in the end, we only came out with a lost chair and garbage can. not too bad considering what some people had to go through. 

along with the high winds, came no power. our power was out from around 10 am yesterday till 6 am today. we had purchased a mini generator a while back to power our "sump pump" in the basement so there wouldn't be flooding. it came in quite handy to charge my cellphone. i also had a large number of candles lit up. the smell was intoxicating. 

i'll make another post shortly, i'm currently watching harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. the sky is looking a little dark and it's a bit worry some. this was just a quick update on the storm situation. it truly was one of the worst storms i have ever seen. there was just so much damage.


gorgeous houses

i'm in love with these four pictures. i love the brightness of all four rooms and the clean and simple looks. even though some are quite cluttered, they still managed to look simple and chic. if only i had this much motivation to decorate my room like one of these. never mind decorate it, i should search for the motivation to keep it clean first.

colossal, one by one and the falsies

these are three of my favourite mascaras. i find that they never fail to leave my lashes looking amazing. in my opinion, i would buy these three over a more expensive brand any day. each one is meant to do a different thing. all three of the brushes are different and vary in shape and size. it can be somewhat difficult to know which one to choose. but in the end, you can't go wrong.

the colossal: supposed to create nine times the volume and i'll agree with that, it really does. colossal has a collagen formula which gives your lashes and extra oomph. one downside, it tends to be a bit clumpy. so i'd recommend brushing your lashes after you've coated them with this. shade above is in the blackest black.

the falsies: once again in the shade of blackest black. the formula is matte, meaning there is no shine. the long spoon brush ensures that each one of your lashes is coated. great if you want to have the false lashes look. it may take a few coats, and a curling or two, but in the end, you'll get there. 

one by one: the newest of the maybelline family. the lash catcher brush is said to grab each one of your lashes and pull them to their longest length. out of the three, this one is my favourite. this mascara is nice because it does not clump and pulls each lash aparts. one downfall is the brush sometimes isn't fully coated with the mascara. it's only a minor flaw, and if you place the brush in the tube a few times, you can usually coat the brush.

in total, for these three mascara's, i believe it amounted to around 20$. much lighter on your pockets than the 31$ you would spend on dior show. so run, don't walk to your nearest pharmacy and pick up these wonderful mascaras. if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment.

ps. this is my first post here. i've decided to maintain my tumblr blog (wonderfullifee.com) and start up this blogger. maybe in the future i'll just switch everything over to here.
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