what's your skin type?

 i'm pretty sure that i'm the queen of combination skin. sometimes my skin is super dry and sometimes it's super oily. over the past few years i've put together a pretty solid collection of products that (i know from experience) work well together. 

if you have oily and/or acne prone skin: 
  • lush's ocean salt is great to clear up some of those unwanted pimples. it also has salt in it which is a drying agent and will make your skin less oily. be careful to not over use it though, or your skin might become irritated.
  • lush's cupcake face mask is a thick, chocolate scented mud mask that you can apply all over your face or just on those problem areas. it decreases pimple size and even says on the carton "great for teenage skin". teenage skin being the skin you associate with the teen years; oily and acne prone. 
  • arbonne makeup primer has acne fighting ingredients in it. put this on before you put on your makeup. it will help to absorb excess oils and keep you shine free. 
  • mac studio fix is one product that i always keep in my purse. if you're feeling oily, simply pull this out and use the applicator provided to blot your skin until the oil has disappeared.
  • rimmel hide the blemish concealer i find myself turning to on those days when nothing seems to be hiding a pimple. it's great because it's in a stick and is super easy to blend. it also won't run you a large amount of money. 
  • almay clear complexion makeup is specially formulated for oily skin. it contains salicylic acid which will help fight acne while you wear it. it's the one foundation that doesn't make my skin oily while i'm wearing it.

if you have dry skin:
  • maybelline mineral power powder foundation is my go-to coverup for those super dry days. i know it sounds strange. "why use a powder foundation for dry skin? why not liquid?" well, i find that when i use a normal liquid foundation, the dry skin is even more noticeable. when the foundation goes on wet it is fine, but as it begins to dry, the dry skin becomes more noticeable. whereas with this powder foundation, it's already dry and i don't have to worry about my skin becoming even more dry. i'd recommend that you try this method.
  • almay line smoothing makeup really quenches your skin's thirst. on dry days, i'll use this around my eye area. it smooths those lines and moisturizes the dry spots. i however, wouldn't use this on my whole face. 
  • last but not least, my favourite product. spectro's hydra care lotion for dry skin. every day i put this on my face underneath my makeup, focusing on the really dry spots. if you have dry skin, this will be the product to help you get rid of it. it really does work and is specially made for your face. if you end up buying one product out of the ones i've mentioned today, make sure that it is this one!


Emily said...

Thanks for this post!!! i love seeing what others use for their skin!

Anonymous said...

This post is amazing; I'm definitely the same skin type as you: sometimes super oil sometimes super dry! Thanks for the advice :)

carly said...

♥ ocean salt! I have extremely oily skin and that was the only thing that actually helped my skin without making it extremely irritated. I will definitely check out that cupcake mask now!

kate said...

i have never tried lush products but your reviews are so convincing i may have to!

Elise said...

i have dry to normal skin, it's not that dry all the time - but if i use the wrong products it really dries out. i love the diorskin nude foundation, it's mineralized & very hydrating. i used to use that maybelinne powder all the time before, but now i prefere liquid foundation :) i still use it as a bronzer in a darker tone, when i don't feel like putting shimmer all over my face :P

Kate said...

This post is fantastic! I usually have combination skin, but lately it's been very acne prone and it is frustrating me to no end. At nearly 26 I should not be experiencing these kinds of breakouts. I am trying Proactive again, but it feels so rough on my skin, and I am not sure if it is helping me in the long run. I may have to scoot on over to LUSH in particular and check some of these recommended products out.

Thank you for this post!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! i'll definitely try the products for oily skin.

kirstyb said...

oh im combination - it is ever so annoying xxxxxxx

kirstyb said...

I love lush products xxx

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