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sorry for the lack of posts. i came down with a sinus infection sunday night and have really been trying to kick it. today was the first day this week i've been able to leave the house. eesh. well my weekend was pretty calm. on sunday, i drove to a floral showcase to take some pictures of flowers. it was a horribly rainy day and everything was wet, but personally, i love the way raindrops look on flowers.

there were a few large magnolia trees outside of the greenhouse that were just screaming my name. i hate how all of the leaves had already fallen off and there were few left. there were some of the one's that were somewhat in tact.

when i finally ventured inside the showcase, i was greeted with a warm tropical heat. there were so many tropical plants that i had never seen before. this little yellow one caught my eye. i can't quite remember the name but it was definitely unique. i love flowers and probably could have spent hours in this exhibit just looking at all of the different flowers from all over the world.

i finally got the opportunity to pull out my surfboard/skimboard wax and things. i love the way sex wax smells. it has this super pungent coconut smell. one thing i don't let phase me when it comes to surfing/skimboarding, is the fact that i don't live anywhere near an ocean.

edit: i really do apologize for the lack of posts. my computer came down with a virus and they had to wipe everything. thank goodness i still have all my pictures, videos and documents. and i'm glad blogger has an autosave mode, i really didn't feel like writing this all out again!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are running again lovely, computer viruses are horrid! On my old laptop I had one so awful they said it had done the equivalent to shattering my hard drive, I lost all my college coursework! So glad you got your files and things!
Amazing floral pictures, the raindrops are lovely, you captured it so well.

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you use?

cleverlittlebuttons said...

Hope it's all better now! Great images as always! Lovely post, love C x

Kelly said...

My science teacher invented sex wax back in the day. He was super old, and hella smart, and every time I see it, I smile :)

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