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countless times people have grabbed my hands and told me "your hands are so soft, how do you do it?" and i tell them, "i moisturize". it really is something that i believe in. there are so many different types of moisturizers out there and it is impossible that you won't find one that you love. 

someone recently asked me what kind of products i use to keep my skin nice and soft:
  • vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning lotion: i mostly use this gem on my hands, neck and elbows. this isn't the typical vaseline. it has such a nice scent and is made with cocoa butter. i'd recommend this to someone who has really extreme dry skin. the vaseline will soften you up. my skin literally drinks this stuff up.
  • the body shop brazil nut body butter: my most recent body butter buy, and potentially my new favourite. i've never used anything brazil nut before, but i've heard excellent things about them. the lady at the store told me that this was for those pesky areas that always get dry. i find myself using it on my knees, elbows, behind my knees. i also use this on my lower back and thighs. one thing i usually find with body butter is that it leaves you feeling greasy. this one definitely didn't leave me with that feeling. just make sure you let your skin soak it up before you do anything. it doesn't take long, a few minutes.
  • i love coconut & cream and i love strawberries & milkshake: they're supposed to be body butters but i see them as more like body whips. the product is a lovely whipped lotion with a smell that is to die for. i find myself sometimes drooling over the coconut & cream one. i use these all over my body, mostly my legs, arms and torso. along with putting this on before i go to bed, i usually use it in the morning before i go out. the smell is so strong and delicious you can skip the perfume.
  • the body shop coconut shimmer body lotion: not really a shimmer, i felt like ke$ha after i put this on. a great daytime lotion. i don't recommend this for your hands. if you're going out, try putting some on your arms, legs and your neck area. it will leave you smelling nice, looking shimmery and feeling soft.
the last product included in the image above is by calgon. it's my favourite body spray and is from the hawaiian ginger line. it's my go to light scent. i keep it in my locker, gym bag and purse and don't go anywhere without it.


Nevena Drazic said...

Cute Blog, i defs had to follow :D

Rachel said...

I really want to try those 'i love's', but I don't know where to get them! And the Body Shop shimmer lotion, I have a special edition Christmas smelling one I always save for the festive time of year!

Emily said...

must give the vaseline cocoa butter a go!

Anonymous said...

such a fantastic mix of products, gorgeous pictures as always!

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