review: sally hansen's jade jump

i bought this polish a little while back and i think i posted a photo of it before. well, i finally decided to wear it. after a week and a half of using a product by sally hansen that makes your nails grow longer and your cuticles much nicer, i finally am satisfied with the way my finger nails are looking. i think my cuticles look so much better than they did before! 

currently, my nails are painted jade jump from the sally hansen spring 2011 collection. you can find this colour at your local drugstore for around 5$. the colour is a minty green that has hints of blue. it could be comparable to the colour of tropical waters near the shoreline.
the colour took me away to a tropical place. it kind of seems out of place for a spring collection. now that i see it on my nails, i feel like i should be in the tropics.

the one thing i love about sally hansen's insta-dri polish is the brush size. it is a fairly wide brush which makes applying the polish mess free. with one stroke, your nail is virtually all covered.

another bonus to this polish is it's fast drying time. it takes literally a minute for the polish to set. i like to be careful and wait a bit longer than that. just in case something isn't dry yet.

the polish has a fairly good wear time. it lasted me a week and only had minor chips. one thing however, is this colour does turn your nails yellow. i removed it and noticed that my nails were tinted a bit. this can be easily fixed by applying a base coat before using the colour.

for a 5$ drugstore polish i can say that i'm very happy with this purchase. i've always been a fan of sally hansen products and think this is just another one of their great polishes. so what are you waiting for? go out and buy it!


Benina M. said...

Love the color and the vibe of it! But sally hansen is expensive in the Philippines, likely 10 dollars. :(((

Elise said...

It looks really nice! I have Essie's "Mint Candy Apple", which looks really similar to this. I love that color, especially for spring & summer :)

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