review: stila fabulous in fiji

i've been putting off writing this review for a really long time. and by really long, i mean i bought this around february. the stila fabulous in fiji palette comes with 4 eye shadows and 1 convertible colour that can be used on either your cheeks or your lips. there is also a small mirror on the inside. i purchased it at shoppers drug mart for 13$, but now you can find this palette online at sephora under the stila section for 10$. it is now an online only product and is a limited edition. so if you like it, snatch it up before it's gone!

excuse the messy container, i had just put swatches on my arm prior to taking this photo and forgot to brush of the excess. the convertible lip and cheek colour was nicely coloured, but didn't go on like i expected. the package says it's more of a cheek colour, but personally, i'd skip putting it on your cheeks and use it as a simple lipgloss. it tends to make your skin a bit greasy and doesn't last as long as i'd hoped. you really need to use alot to get a good colour.

as for the shadows. the colours were not at all what i expected. i mean, it's great pigmented shadow but when am i ever going to wear that shade of blue and green? i only use the right side of the palette. the soft shimmery blue and the sheer silver. the blue and green are a bit too costume makeup-esque for my liking. application for all four colours was wonderful. they covered my lid easily and were nice and smooth. 

as for the swatches, to get that shade of plumeria (the far left), i did apply a fair bit. it was really streaky and just didn't look good. this is why i believe you should stick to using it for your lips. escape is by far my favourite. it's a simple sparkly shade with a hint of blue. as you can see, they all went on really nicely. 

rating wise, i'd give it a 6.5 out of 10. the colours weren't my type and the cheek/lip colour really brought the palette down. it applies nicely and the colours are very fiji like. this would be a perfect sized palette to keep in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day. the mirror on the inside is a pretty solid size and the palette itself is compact enough to fit in even a small clutch.

if you're a fan of bright colours, by all means go out and purchase this palette. the colours will be wonderful for you. however, if you like more neutral, toned down and natural shades, skip this one. try some of stila's other palettes: make an impression in moscow and the palette from the garden bliss collection.


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that your reviews are honest! It really makes you believe that when you say something is amazing we believe it! <3

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