polish roundup

i never really used to wear nail polish until a few years ago. i always found it such a hassle to put on and take off. all of a sudden, i went crazy and just started buying and wearing all these different polishes. now i find it quite amusing to match the colour of my nails to my outfit. this is just a quick list of my nine (i know, it's not ten) favourite shades.

from left to right:
  • sally hansen "hard as nails" - disco ball - clear polish with glitter
  • essie polish - merino cool - purple and gray shade
  • sally hansen "hard as nails" - lacey lilac - light purple 
  • sally hansen "insta-dri" - jade jump - light green
  • hard candy "just nails" - clear matte - gives any polish a matte finish
  • opi - black shatter - gives any polish a shatter effect
  • sally hansen "salon manicure" - cafe au lait - sheer, creamy light brown
  • essie - sew psyched - khaki green
  • sally hansen "insta-dri" - blue streak - bright, deep blue


Anonymous said...

Awesome nail polish collection. Sally Hansen has amazing colours <3

Kariza said...

There's jealousy all over my face! Your collection is awesome! :)

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