review: lush ocean salt

recently, i picked up one of lush's best selling face and body products, ocean salt. i couldn't help myself when i saw it on the shelf, i needed to try it. 

i use a good sized amount - usually i take my index finger and scoop some up. they should tell you at the store that when you first use it, be sure to stir the container well. the ingredients aren't mixed when you get it.

the first time you use it, it will burn. especially if you have a pimple, some sort of cut or a patch of skin that has some sort of abrasion on it. the reason for the burning is most likely the fact that there is real vodka and citrus in the product. i have eczema in certain areas on my body (specifically the elbows and shoulder area). i did try to use the ocean salt on the patches where i have eczema and it burned like i've never felt a burn before. but the result was quite nice, soft skin and surprisingly the redness of the eczema went down.

the product is pure salt. i use it twice a week, sometimes only once since it is so abrasive. i also take extra care in making sure that i don't scrub the product into my skin too hard. be careful to close your mouth when you rinse it off, it doesn't have a pleasant taste. 

 notable ingredients:
  • citrus (grapefruit and lime): think of it as the earth's natural toner. this is what works to fight those pesky pimples. it's also what will make your face sting when you apply the product to your face.
  • vodka: same as the fruit. it's a great pimple fighter, astringent and will help tighten your pores. 
  • coconut: coconuts contain vitamin e which is a great moisturizer. this would be the ingredient that leaves your face feeling super soft after you use ocean salt. 
  • avocado: contains more potassium than a banana which results in the deep penetration of the product. also is loaded with vitamin a, b, d and e. 
lush ocean salt isn't cheap. it will cost you a fair bit of money. $18.95 for 120/g or $30.95 for 250/g. i'd recommend buying the smaller tub first so you can check to see how your skin reacts and if you like it.

rating wise, i'd give lush's ocean salt an 8 out of 10. it really does work wonders. so run, don't walk, to you nearest lush store and pick up this awesome skin saver. you won't be disappointed!


Christina said...

I'm a huge fan of the Ocean Salt as well! My pores get clogged really quickly and my cheekbone area gets super red because of that, but once I use this stuff, all the redness goes away. I get shinier, healthier looking skin. I love it. :) It doesn't burn for me, although I don't tend to get a lot of acne, so that could be why.

Anonymous said...

Wow I really want to try this! Salt scrubs can be good for skin conditions, but be careful when using it on eczema because it can reduce symptoms but then flare them up even worse a few days later!

Rachel said...

I might try this, but thanks for the caution! Still might be an option to the version I use from Clinique!

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