may: happy things

my happy things for the month of may:
  • starbucks half price frappucino days - between the hours of 3 and 6 (maybe 5, can't remember) you get your frap. half price. needless to say, you can find me at my neighborhood starbucks every day, from 3 to 6.
  • bright lights and fresh colours - i'd kill to have a balcony like that one up there. my newest obsession is bright bedrooms. i plan on re-doing mine over the summer. i'll definitely be investing in a better light, more candles and some sort of potted plant. maybe 10 potted plants. 
  • fields of tulips - i'm dying to visit keukenhof, holland for the amazing tulips they have. i just want to run through there and pick them. i'd kill to be a florist in the netherlands. 
  • munich - it's not really my home, but i consider it my home, away from home. i felt like a local when i was there. i plan on going back in the near future. i can't hold out any longer.


Rachel said...

I wish we had offers like that in UK Starbucks! I told the barister serving me the other day that in the USA Starbucks was a 24 hour drive thru, and she didn't believe me!

Anonymous said...

Wishing we had those offers also Hayley, damn you!
enjoy your may, i can't wait to read about it !

cleverlittlebuttons said...

Great post I love happy things! Like the others I wish we had offers like these in the UK!

Love C x

Confessions of a Serbian Princess said...

I love your blog! It is adorable, and I am following you on Tumblr, that is how I stumbled upon your page here. Do you use photoshop for some of your pics for editing. I was wondering for Tumblr you have a pic of the cherry blossom tree and you have that symbol that it is your photography. How did you make one ? Thanks <3

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