birthday cake pops

i decided to try and tackle bakeralla.com's cake pop recipe. i changed up a few things and hoped that they would work. the original recipe was for red velvet, and i used white. also my grocery store didn't have the proper chocolate for dipping so i bought white chocolate chips instead. let me tell you now, if you do decide to try this recipe, do not use chocolate chips. you will need:
  • whatever flavour of boxed cake mix you like
  • vegetable oil, eggs and water/milk (ingredients for the cake mix)
  • one can of cream cheese frosting
  • candy wafers (i used chocolate chips, don't use them)

firstly, follow all the instructions on the cake mix box. bake your cake and let it cool entirely. when cool, crumble the cake into a large bowl. make sure they are fine crumbles like what you (mostly) see above. once this is done, add the whole can of icing and mix well. use your hands, you can't be afraid to get a little dirty. mix until you can successfully roll the cake mix into a ball. 

roll the mixture into little balls. you should be able to make around 40 cake balls. set them out on a tray. the tray doesn't need to be greased or anything and it doesn't matter how far apart they are. put them in the fridge for the entire night, or if you're like me and super impatient, a few hours. to speed this process up, try placing them in the freezer. 

this is where i went wrong. do not use chocolate chips to coat your cake balls. the chocolate is too thick and is not dippable. also, do not try to add things to the chocolate to make it more wet. this will just stop the chocolate from hardening. roll the balls in the coating. what i did, since i was unable to roll, was used a knife and spread the chocolate. let the coating harden and add sprinkles if you like.

they taste delicious, they just don't really look all the greatest. this was my first time making them and the way i see it is that for next time, i know what i did wrong and how to fix it. if you do decide to make these, store them in an air lock container; fridge or not, doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

Look so yummy Hayley, doesn't matter if they want wrong this time at least you know what to do next time!

kate said...

i think i may try these for upcoming birthdays, they make such cute little snacks!

samecookiesdifferent said...

looks yummy :D
xx the cookies
share the feeling & visit dear

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