homemade lip scrub, round two

after the success of the scrub that i made yesterday (the recipe was posted for you this morning), i decided to give another recipe for a lip scrub a shot. this time, the base was vaseline. once again, white sugar was used instead of brown. the original recipe doesn't call for vanilla, but i added literally a drop for some smell and flavour. 

first, pour some white granulated sugar into a little bowl (or jar). if you wish, you can always use brown sugar. there are no rules that say that you can't. there also isn't a specific amount of sugar you should use. however much scrub you wish to make is based on however much sugar you use.

next up, add some vaseline into the mix. i used a q-tip and just dipped it in, swirled it around and then mixed it in with the sugar. mix it really well using a spoon, or if you're feeling adventurous, your fingers. when the scrub is mixed well, add a drop of vanilla. you can skip the vanilla if you want. 
* note: if you do add vanilla, add some more sugar along with it. the vanilla is a liquid therefore it will make it watery.

voila. this is what the finished product looked like (without the vanilla). scrub onto your lips and feel the smoothness within seconds. i live by these now.


Meredith said...

both of your lip scrubs look divine! i'm sure you could package them up in some adorable little tins & sell them! when i'm done with my lush lip scrubs i'm definitely giving these a try!

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