homemade lip scrub

there are loads of great lip scrubs on the market. this is one that i just whipped up in my kitchen. the difference here is, i chose to use a white sugar as opposed to the classic brown sugar. i found that this still made my lips super soft, but was less abrasive. so, if you want to try a lighter (and tastier) lip scrub, give this one a go. 

the two main ingreidents you will need are a white sugar and cocoa powder. firstly, you're going to want to take however much sugar you plan on using and adding it into a little bowl. the amount of sugar you use really does depend on the amount of scrub you plan on making. then, take a pinch of cocoa powder and mix it in. the finished dry mixture should be a light brown shade.

next up is the glue that holds everything together: oil. i used olive, you can use coconut, almond, jojoba or whatever you prefer. just add a drop, then mix. keep doing this until you get a good consistency. i usually stop when i can form the sugar into a good sized ball and when the mixture stays on my lips and doesn't fall all over the place.

the finished product should look similar to the image above. the mixture should be able to almost stand on it's own. put some on your finger (or a toothbrush) and scrub your lips really well. when you're done, you can wash it off, or lick it off if you like! your lips should feel smooth and free from all dry skin. there are alot of alternatives to the oil that you can use. if you don't have olive, or don't like olive, i'd recommend trying coconut or almond oil. you should be able to find both at your grocery store.

i thoroughly enjoyed this lip scrub. not just because of it's fantastic taste but also because it only took me around five minutes to make. if your lips are in need of a little pick me up, try this!


Rachel said...

I might try this when I run out of my Lush sugar scrub - thanks!

Anonymous said...

almont oil is so lovely to use! you could also try brown sugar because it has larger granules.
adore this post, it makes it so simple to do! your picture of the final product came out fabulously!

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