my dream wedding in photos

all this talk about the royal wedding has really got me thinking of what kind of wedding i want to have. i'm all about classic things. i love clean white, not too much colour. here are a few photos to better describe what kind of wedding i wish to have.

i want to marry somewhere in europe. i dream of getting married in a big cathedral. to me it seems like the definition of a classic wedding. there needs to be a garden nearby for wedding photos. ideally, i'd love a giant garden filled with just cherry blossoms. but really, any flowers will do. 

i want a vanilla cake with white icing and some sort of floral decoration on it. i'd prefer an extremely large cake. i don't want anything over the top in regards to the design. just something simple. it definitely needs to have the flowers that i want on my bouquet on it. 

i want to go against the grain when it comes to tossing my bouquet: i don't want to toss it. what's the point in giving away such a gorgeous flower arrangement? i plan on keeping it as a memento of my wedding day.  i want it to be mostly green and white, maybe with a hint of pink. lily of the valley, sweet pea, tulips, cherry blossoms and maybe hydrangeas are flowers i can see myself having in it. i like simple. it shouldn't take away from my dress. i want it to look natural as well. like someone just walked to a field and arranged a simple, chic and cute bouquet.

lastly, bust most certainly not least, is the dress. i've always loved the princess gown that's super poofy, but i'm also a fan of gowns that have cathedral trains that go for miles. the bottom of the dress needs to have detail on it. flowers, lace, something of the sort. i also like it when the waist has some sort of jewelled embellishment on it. strapless is what i want. 
i've got it all planned out in my head. of course there are more little inspiration boards i could make, but if i keep doing this, i'll go on for hours. i want my wedding day to be like those that you see in fairytales.


Anonymous said...

this post is absolutely stunning! i hope you dont mind but i've saved your images to my computer to stick into my wedding inspiration book (yes...i made one of those...!)

Benina M. said...

really good idea! Love the dresses!

Rachel said...

I love this post. And in case you wanted to know, the place on the bottom left for location is Canterbury Cathedral, England, and, no, it is not just made pretty by the photo, it really is that beautiful! I live in Cantebury and though I'm not religious I'm head over heels in love with that building!

New follower of your blog! x

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