makeup extravaganza

my makeup bag is really a piece of work. this is what it looks like normally. my makeup bag is not neat by any means. and i'm almost positive that i should probably up-size the bag. i'm going to go through everything (yes, everything) that is inside of it right now. 

don't use it, but it comes in handy occasionally,  benefit high beam: i love applying it on my cheekbones overtop of my makeup, maybelline one by one, colossal and the falsies mascara: love all three of these and they are part of my daily makeup routine, stila fabulous in fiji palette: once again, don't use, it was 13$ so i snatched it up, maybelline mineral power powder foundation: plays a part in my daily routine, covers wonderfully and lasts a really long time, mac studio fix powder: commonly found under my eyes on days when i feel they need a little wake up, i also use it to spot cover areas that need it, nars super orgasm blush: compared to the regular orgasm, this one has much more glitter, rimmel eyeshadow quad: would not recommend it. the pigment is horrible. to be honest, i don't know why i still have it, hard candy so baked bronzer: i just purchased this stuff and i love it. it gives me a nice glow without looking like an oompa loompa. hard candy moon glow: great for setting your makeup. gives you a nice shine. christmas elf eyeshadows: these were on sale for 4$. some of them have a stronger pigment than the others. the black and silver one is super nice whereas the khaki and purple one is not. nars fathom eyeshadow: isn't really a colour. it goes on quite sheer but i bought it because i loved the glitter. beauty rush lipgloss: tastes delicious and goes on nice. eyelash curler: self explanatory. angled blush brush: use it for blush on my cheeks, regular shadow brush: for all over lid coverage, foundation brush: i use it with maybelline mineral power when i need to cover a tricky area, eco-tools face brush: use it with the moon glow. super soft bristles. stipple brush: it has two hair types and a flat top. great for bronzer. 

well there it is. all of the things that were in my makeup bag. some i use, some i don't. i should probably go through and get rid of all the things i do not want. what's in your makeup bag that you could never get rid of?


Maika said...

i love your makeup! ♥

Anonymous said...

you have an excellent selection of makeup here! definitely enough to be perfect for relaxed, natural looks or dramatic looks for the evening!

Poet said...

I'd really love some Nars Orgasm ... but every time I have the money to order it, its always sold out. I've pretty much given up on it. I really want to try the Maybelline Falsies -- How do you like it?

hayley said...

i love the falsies, works wonders. sometimes a bit clumpy, but if you brush your lashes out you should be fine!

Poet said...

Thanks for the heads up :) I just might go buy a bottle in a lil' bit :) and a few other little things.

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