calm after the storm

i think it is completely absurd how one day there can be these raging 100km/h winds and then the next day, they are completely gone. i also find it crazy to think that huge trees are capable of collapsing but the tiniest little flowers, like this tulip, made it through the winds safe and sound. i wonder how that works out? 

this house was one of the less fortunate ones in my area. this massive tree toppled over and went straight through the living room. this pictures doesn't show it all, but in person, it was horrible. in the end, we only came out with a lost chair and garbage can. not too bad considering what some people had to go through. 

along with the high winds, came no power. our power was out from around 10 am yesterday till 6 am today. we had purchased a mini generator a while back to power our "sump pump" in the basement so there wouldn't be flooding. it came in quite handy to charge my cellphone. i also had a large number of candles lit up. the smell was intoxicating. 

i'll make another post shortly, i'm currently watching harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. the sky is looking a little dark and it's a bit worry some. this was just a quick update on the storm situation. it truly was one of the worst storms i have ever seen. there was just so much damage.


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