D&G never ceases to amaze me

can we please just take a moment and admire these gorgeous floral print playsuits from the d&g spring 2011 ready to wear collection?

i know, i know. the show is long over. and this collection is now what some would consider "old news". but i mean, these are gorgeous and they didn't catch my eye until i saw the far left one in an issue of seventeen magazine. one will run you around 300$ but at this degree of hotness, i think it's worth every single penny. with summer coming to a close, i know i'm so late on this, but i couldn't help myself. plus maybe you can find one out there on sale. *sigh* give me all three and i'll be one happy girl. what are your thoughts? 


vintage-kissed said...

I love rompers, but they never look good on me. The Tilly's one is my favorite and those Christian Louboutin wedges are absolutely amazing♥

kate said...

they're amazing aren't they? and not too 'runway' either.

Misty said...

I just fell in love with the D&G romper on the left. Jump in my closet now!! Haha

Rose-et-Violet said...

Oh my god! I seriously love these, and not just because they are very ready-to-wear, but the patterns are so gorgeous (I'm a print freak!). But I totally agree, during the summer, and maybe even the spring, rompers are perfect!


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