feeling the burn

sorry for the lack of posts, i've really been focusing on getting fit! i'm starting to work out 5-6 days a week for 1-2 hours each day. i've really been lacking in the fitness department and decided i needed to kick it into high gear!

what my workout consists of:
  • i usually try to run for around 30-45 minutes. cardio is a huge part of working out and it really gets your blood flowing and your heart racing. plus, it feels great. there is nothing better (in my eyes) than running if you've had a bad day or if you're angry. it's a great way to get all of the frustration out. that and maybe a boxing class haha!
  • after i'm done with my run, i like to target certain parts of my body. this is usually done on some sort of machine or with plain old weights. it's either my upper body or my legs. i like to alternate. you should never do the same workout over and over. your muscles do have a memory and they remember all the working out you do. it also tends to get boring, doing the same old routine. switch it up!
  • next up is my abdominals. i spend a whole lot of time on my abdominals. crunches. planks and various other exercises. 
  • lastly, is some form of a cool down. i'll row. bike. or simply just stretch it out. always stretch when you're done working out. your body will thank you later.  
i'm not trying to lose a crazy amount of weight but i am trying to lose some. i think if i don't get healthier now, my habits will forever be horrible. no more late night chip runs! 


Jenny said...

I like exercising. It makes me feel really good! Nice post :D I'm going to consider some of the tips you put up.

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