unleash your inner foxiness with hard candy

i've been madly in love with hard candy for a while now. ever since i had tried out their matte-ly in love nail polish and noticed the price didn't break the bank. now i think i've almost purchased every single thing in the collection. by far one of my favourite make up brands. plus, it's super easy to come by - wal-mart! fox in a box are blush/bronzer duos that claim to "unleash the foxiness in you". i definitely feel my foxiness is unleashed after using this potent duos!

the packages are around 2 inches by 2 inches and they are packed full of the most amazing blush duo's you will ever try. these actually have surpassed my NARS orgasm blush in my make up bag. and let me tell you, it takes quite the blush to do that!

i picked up one that has a coral blush (skinny dipping) and a more matte, less shimmer-y bronzer and more recently, i picked up truth or dare which is a light pink and a sparkly bronze. if you're going for drama, skinny dipping is your duo. for a more natural, everyday look, you should play with truth or dare.

the packaging is super cute (i've never failed to be disappointed with hard candy and their packaging!). both have magnetic lids that close. they kind of don't work for a little while since the box is cardboard and you do need to almost, work it in so it will shut. rest assured, it does not take long. the boxes are sturdy and are great for travel. they are compact and can fit anywhere. they do come with a small brush, which i do recommend discarding when you purchase. just use a normal brush blush. but if you don't have access to that, feel free to keep the brush that is supplied. 

skinny dipping can be compared to benefit's 10. actually, it is the same but cheaper (and better quality in my eyes). the pink is sheer and natural. you need to apply a fair bit to get a pink colour. but that's how i like my blush. the bronze adds some nice shimmer and when mixed, everything falls into place perfectly. 

skinny dipping is a gorgeous coral colour with a less shimmery bronze. hard candy knocks it out of the water with this one. the coral is stunning and highly pigmented. one sweep of your brush over the product and you have a cheek filled with to die for summer colour. 

overall, i can say that i really do love these products. both are amazing. ahhhh-maaaa-zing. an a +++ in my books. reasonably priced (7$ for one), you can't go wrong. if you have a wal-mart near you (where isn't there a wal-mart now-a-days?), walk run and pick up hard candy's fox in a box. 


Brittany Elaine said...

OMG! I've been wanting to try these! My local Wal-Mart doesn't carry Hard Candy yet, so the next time I got to the cities I will definitely have to buy one or maybe two! :) Great Blog!

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