three new polishes + i'm back

so, i've finally caved and moved back onto blogspot (for a little while at least). i really want to further my career as blogger and i don't think that tumblr can do that for me. i'm also not a fan of all of the drama that tumblr can bring. it really is a bit of a pain. but nevertheless, i'm going to be posting here for a little while. see if i can get back into the blogging grove. thank you to my followers who have continued to follow this blog although it hasn't been active. 

i'll be posting my daily musings here along with my makeup and beauty reviews (the platform is so much better for that!). you can also find alot of my photography. which i kindly ask that you do not remove from this site. if you scroll down and read the disclaimer you will see a nice note for all of you to read. if you're coming here from tumblr, don't you dare repost my photos. i will find you :)

but anyways, i picked up this three pack of revlon polishes the other day and i love all three. the green is my favourite. you only need one coat and your whole nail is covered!


Anonymous said...

Yay, So excited that you're back on here. Its kinda hard to keep track of your tumblr sometimes haha. Those polishes look so gorgeous. Gonna pick those up sometime this week. (:

Darianne said...

I never knew you were Hayley @wonderfullifee, although I sorta wanted to think it because the pictures look alike. I like you on here :) I moved my blog from tumblr a couple of months ago, because of the drama.
I love the polishes.

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