going gaga

i think i'm starting to become seriously addicted to starbucks caramel frappucinos. the salted caramel that they drizzle overtop of the whipped cream is to die for. for those of you who are avid starbucks fans, they are currently doing a promotion where between 3 and 5 (maybe 6, don't remember) you can go in and order one of their frappucinos (from a specific menu) and get it for half off. what a deal.

i needed my may magazine fix so i stopped and picked up harper's bazaar and vogue. i wanted the vogue issue because i heard they had a great piece on alexander mcqueen and reese looked stunning on the cover. the bazaar issue was super as well. the gaga article was amazing. even though i was slightly weirded out over her statement about her cheek bones: 
“[T]hey’re not prosthetics,” she tells Derek Blasberg. “They’re my bones. They’ve always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am. They come out when I’m inspired.”

the photographs were beautiful nevertheless and the dress she was wearing in one was to die for. it's a great interview. if you're a gaga fan go buy the magazine or check out the interview on the web. 

since i can never manage to leave shoppers drug mart without buying some sort of makeup product, i bought this little boots number seven eyeshadow. it's called magnolia and is a sheer pale pink colour. it's a bit sparkly and i loved the way it made my eyes look. it was on sale for 4$ (regularly 8$ or something like that?). i've never tried boots products and i'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of the shadow. it was nicely pigmented and applied evenly.

and lastly, they had my favourite balea masks on sale. this time i decided to try the cooling and calming aloe vera and mint face mask and the grapefruit foot soak. i used a little bit of the calming face mask and found that it burned so bad. after a while, the pain subsided and a nice cooling effect took over. when i rinsed it off, my face was nice and smooth and definitely looked calmer (less red, pores smaller etc.). one thing i did find was that when i awoke this morning, there was some dryness around my mouth. it could just be from my dry bedroom. 

hope you all had a marvelous day. i'm looking forward to the weekend. i bought my mom a really great gift this year for mothers day (at least, i think so)!


Anonymous said...

Starbucks is rather addictive! Also I do agree with you that Reese looks gorgeous on the cover! No7 products are the best! I have a few myself and they are amazing! Great post as always!

Rachel said...

I wish they did Starbucks promotions like that here in the UK!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that they sold Boots lines in other countries, that's cool! The eyeshadows are great but the mascaras are a no-no - just a heads up.
I'm a true gaga fan so I will try and look this up!

Michelle said...

I love caramel frappes too, and I'm definitely a whipped cream gal too, even though people always mention that I'll put the lbs on if I add more!

Benina M. said...

I love that promo in starbucks! :) Because of that, I saved a lot of money for it :)))

Yen said...

I looooove Starbucks, but I tend to stay away from the fraps because of how much calories it is in one cup! Though I'll sometimes indulge in a Venti Vanilla Bean Frap with Caramel on the bottom and on top. LOVELOVELOVE their caramel sauce though :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Super gorgeous!



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